Yusens Technologies Ltd.

Since 2014, Yusens Technologies Ltd., based in Shenzhen, China, has been one of the leading ceramic powder manufacturers. With many years’ experience and the state of art technology, we have established over 50,000 square meters production mill in China, with 20,000 tons production capacity of  Ceramic  Micro  Powder  (CMP)  monthly,  size from 1μm to 15μm.

CMP is calcined at 1,250 C° high temperature, and completely porcelainized in the form of quartz and mullite phase. Its major components are SiO2 and Al2O3.  Compared with other natural mineral powder fillers, CMP has higher hardness (Mohs hardness 7), more stable physical and chemical properties, also is with excellent characteristics of abrasion resistance, acid & alkali resistance, weather resistance, and high temperature resistance. 

CMP is an ideal multifunctional inorganic filler. It can be used as a strengthening filler to improve the mechanical properties of materials in the fields of painting, coating, rubber, ink, 3D printing, paper, building materials (such as waterproof glue, putty  powder, fly powder, artificial stone) etc .